Simple and easy ways of communication is Pictures; only pictures can speak with silence, where even a baby can understand this simple language because it describes everything without a single word.

Who Say Girls are Lagging.........!!!
"Of course I'm crazy, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong" :(-
Summer Special Reservation With Free Air
70mm Board In Class Room !!!
True Friendship Seen Through The Heart Not Through Eyes !!!
Dude I can't Do This Work,Plz Do My Work Also!!
No One Is Sweet As Me :)
Basha - Black Basha..... 
Don't Disturb Yar,This Is My Last Facebook Status :)
Still Not Out - Wanna One More Beer Case
Find Who Out is-Kareena,Katrina,Deepika,Priyanka,Sonam..!
Bachelor Party...
"Yes Dad, I m on diet Today"
Hmm so sad to see these type of Ambulances still there in AFRICA
That's how some this Goo...!!!
How Crazy Driver :-)
My Lovely Lve Failure Out-Put (:-|
Beautiful Girls Hair and Devils are the Same :-(|
1 picture then 100 words 
  Can i get a seat plz...!!!
Dude Love + Family Problems... What I Do !!!
Don't Laugh.....I am Dangerous HANUMAN
Our Journey is going to watch Hollywood movie JOURNEY- 2
True love stories never have endings...:>)
 This is how Narayan Murthi reached the top of Infosys
Billiards Board In Village...
Don't Misunderstand I'm not Addicted 2 Facebook Like U....I'm Addicted to Twitter :)

Born to ride my Harley davidson…I hope you like it,I LOVE IT
I'm the star of the show. I should have a decent haircut.
Indian Harry Potter....
Even Though I have Lover(:-)
Hindu wedding..TaUbA TaUbA TaUbA...!!!
Its Not An tttude, It’s the Way Of …???

Any thing is possible in india. Save fuel-Less trips-less fuel-more profit.

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