Short Films

Short films are more popular these days because they are simple & short; it defines a complete story within a minute or a fraction of seconds; it may be comedy, love, action, romance or anything.

This Boy That Girl

Photography was excellent...

LOVE ♥...
Smile,Open Ur Eyes,Love & Go On :-) 

What a Lve...

My Past 3 Girl Friends

cant live with them cant live without them.....


I Love 'U'

Nice Proposals...
World best 1 minute short film 
Nice script, got to admire the way it has put in a simple but amazingly effective manner!! 

Professional Lover
padivela rupeyallu sampadenche prathi okadu premikudu kaledu,
Alagani padi rupeyallu karchupette premikudu vedava kadu.....Awesome dailog

 PREMA, PICHI [Love, Madness]
Fulttooo Fun+Entertainment....super direction

Looks like our frndz love stories....Correct.! Veellinte.... assalu maararu..

Neetho-Good message with just acting....

"Love & Care are the only scissors which can amputate the feelings of disability"


B-Tech Kashtallu-Night Out
hahahaha Btech student emotions-ultimate twist climax

A nerveracing journey lead by three people....

Lovaholic - Short film
His tragedy will sound Funny.His 'Love' seems to do something to girls he loves!! - No words.. So amazing .. with such a wonderful take...

Love Formula 31
No message, No tragedy, No Romance....... Nice twist obviously every one once or twice would have done this.

Asl pls - watch till end
very impressive.. no dialogues.. only music.. but a very strong msg in the end.. wonderful... awesome.. great...


Every one must have this attitude...


what's in a name?
wat's in a name??? yup... really makes me think!!!! wonderfulll.... hat's off guys

Ninnati Vennela Telugu Short Film...!!!
It's really heart touching... wonderful, Great work.... The narration and background music is perfect...... I loved it.

LIFE Goes On - Telugu Short Film with Eng Sub Titles
A Conversation Between Two Strangers...What a tragedic love story

Miss You
This love story seems too good to be true in Hyderabad...

Very good acting with nice flash back hehehe.....

Brilliant movie. Only downside ... i wish the guy on the phone could be a little more casual and realistic. Great acting from everyone...No one guess till........?????

"Vedhava Mohamatam"
Ammayi evariki mundu chepthe vadiki padipothundha ???

Taking simply superb with background music...Really really nice n extraordinary Camera editing and screenplay are highlights!! 

The Loser
Very good song - Must C Love Losers....

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